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The Black Liberation Fund is a nonprofit organization operating under an abolitionist theory of change. In our current programming, we invest in supporting those harmed by the prison industrial complex through our community bail fund and aftercare services. The bail fund is part of our vision of investing in care services for those directly impacted before and after incarceration. The aftercare services include legal support, transportation back and forth to court appearances, home monitoring (if required), job connections, mental or self-care services, and will lead to the procurement of housing and emergency services. Our services require a case management method to follow clients' needs through their court date and consequent outcome. Our community bail fund and aftercare initiative offer immediate community resource support.


Justice Weekend, three days of events that will capture the essence of the Black Liberation Fund Mission: to alleviate obstacles and hardships that the stigma of incarceration brings to Black families and incarcerated persons through an abolitionist framework offering direct services, education, advocacy, and resources.

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